Testimonial - Cunic

I have personally known Matthew Kuilenburg for approximately 12 years.

During this time Matt has worked for Cunic Constructions as a subcontractor carpenter and has been responsible for the construction of many new dwellings.  My role with Cunic Constructions as the Domestic Construction Manager has ensured a close working relationship with Matt.  I have personally found Matts work to be of an excellent standard.  His interaction and ability to work in with other trades and his attention to detail are a testament to him and the quality of work he produces.

Matt comes from a well known and respected family who reside within the Kingston area and have a strong history within the construction industry.  Matt has experienced exposure to the building industry from an early age as is father Hank has been a builder for approximately 40 years.  Within the past 12 years I have personally witnessed Matts father passing on to him the qualities of history, reliability and the necessary skills to be a successful builder within the building industry.  These qualities are exemplified by the fact that Matt has recently built his own home and personally managed every trade in order to produce a home of the highest quality.

Gerard Synnott

Domestic Contruction Manager

Cunic Constructions

Testimonial - Maveric

I write this letter to confirm that Mr Matthew Kuilenburg has excellent skills in all facets of domestic building and construction.

I base this statement on the fact that Maveric Builders Pty Ltd has employed Matthew in varying capacities for the past 10 years.

Matthew spent approximately 5 years under the direct employ of Maveric Builders Pty Ltd as a tradesman carpenter on wages, during this time he worked on a variety of projects ranging from single dwelling domestic housing through to unit developments and small commercial. Over this period he worked in varying capacities from supervised to unsupervised duties.

urrently, and for approximately the past 5 years Matthew has worked for Maveric indirectly as a carpenter on a sub contract basis. During this time he has worked on our single dwelling domestic projects and some unit developments, performing the frame, close up and fit out aspects of the construction.

I can personally vouch for his ability and for the professional quality of his workmanship for the last two and a half years as I have only been directly involved with his work for the amount of time. I do however, have it on good advice from others in the company that this has been the case since the beginning of his employment with Maveric Builders.

Brent de Haan

Business Manager

Maveric Builders Pty Ltd

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